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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glorious days of childhood!!

                                             "Grandma's Story Chair" by Julie E Allan

Whats been happening?  Hmmm.. so many things.... life is too busy these days. I often find myself yearning for those long ago childhood days that were untouched by worries, completely unhurried... remember the ones? One day seemed to last forever, always full of simple pleasures like running in and out of the garden sprinkler, or waiting for the mobile Ice Cream man on a Saturday afternoon.... catching guppy's in the local creek!! Oh those glorious days of childhood!!  I've often wondered why we lose that ability to enjoy simple things as we get older. I know that obviously we have to take on responsibilities as adults... that is something we can't change. However, I believe that the problem occurs when we forget how to 'live in the moment'.  That's what children do best. They seldom think too far ahead... they just wrap themselves up in whats happening right now. They get fully involved with what they are doing and the result is pure bliss!! Remember that feeling! I know I do.  We adults are always thinking ahead to the next thing on the list today... tomorrow... next week... next year even! How can we truly enjoy the moment when our focus is everywhere but here! There's a time and place to plan the things ahead... set time specifically for that purpose. But when you are spending an hour playing with your children, or grand children... taking a walk in the park... creating an artwork... gardening... or whatever it is that you love to do for you.... be IN the moment and enjoy every seconds worth. You'll be glad you did and you'll remember how to see things through the eyes of a child again! 

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