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Hello and Welcome to my Blog! If you enjoy a variety of art and creativity, then your in the right place. I am a freelance Artist, working with more traditional art forms such as watercolour, colour pencil, acrylics etc as well as creating Custom Art Dolls. I hope you enjoy your visit here and hope you visit often! I love to hear from people who love art in its many forms, so please feel free to leave comments!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hello Everyone... OMG, I'm so shockingly slacko, arn't I!!! Its been weeks, no actually a couple of months nearly since I updated my blog! I won't bore you with my excuses... I'll just get it all up to date now, shall I!  LOL

I have a few girls completed since the last time I updated. I'll put up some photos here now. Ruby and Sabine are currently for sale on ebay, so I'll supply the link with their photo if your interested.

I have my University exams in 2 days time! Hmm, just a tad nervous here... and revising like crazy. Honestly, I don't think my brain has ever been so full of information at any one time! hahaha  but I really am enjoying it immensely! Whether its doing me any good... well, we shall see when I get the results of my exams. 

Okay, lets get these photos up for you!

 Sabine - OOAK Monster High Draculaura repaint.

Ruby - OOAK Monster High Draculaura repaint.

 Kitten - OOAK Barbie Basics repaint!

Giselle - OOAK Barbie Basics repaint & partial reroot!

Thankyou for looking everyone and your continued support... even through my SLACK times! lol
Love you all!
Julie XXX

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