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Friday, July 20, 2012

My latest lovely.... Katya!!

Hi Everyone,
I 'd like to share my latest girl with you.  Katya was created using a Barbie Basics No4 model with the tanned skin tone and red hair!  I fully removed all her factory paint and gave her a full facial repaint with moss green eyes and light plum lips.  I heat crimped her original hair and then cut and styled it.
I have her up on ebay and link is provided if you would like to see more pictures etc.

Well, I woke up a bit crook this morning so I'm going to take my leave and go back to bed! :(  I hope you enjoy this pretty young lady!
Hugs to all
Julie :)XX


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  1. She's really lovely! New follower here. I really like your MH repaints! I found you when looking for a Moxie repaint. Yours was the only nice one!