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Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm back... and just where have I been you say???

Hello my dear and patient friends.... how could I have neglected my blog for so long.  I'm utterly ashamed of myself!  And terribly sorry too.  Well, to cut a long story short, I began study in Graphic Design in July last year and honestly, it got so full on that I hardly had time to scratch myself!  Yes, poor excuse I know but the absolute truth!  Everything suffered... my doll work and digital art began to dwindle a little, I got behind on Deviant Art and emails... and.... I had no time to do housework. Well, that last one isn't too upsetting, any excuse not to do housework is a good one in my books!  But, there it is!  I got overwhelmed!!  However, I learned a lot of very good lessons and realised that this happens to many people who start fulltime study for the first time.  It took me a whole semester but I think I have it under control now and next semester (starts on 4 March) will be a whole different kettle of fish, I tell you! hahaha yes, I hear you laughing!! :) 

You see, its going to have to be different because, not only will I be studying fulltime and doing my various arty stuff... including some gorgeous new resin jewelry designs.... BUT... I also have started a little business with my daughter Megan, selling various altered art and craft supplies!  Whoa!!! Yes, I hear you!!  I'm so excited though and hopefully that excitement will carry me through the late nights when I will be putting matchsticks to good use holding my eyes open, trying to get assignments finished! LOL  No really, I have learned a few lessons and I am already starting to get into 'organised' mode now. I'm ready... yes.... BRING IT ON! :)

Okay, enuff ramblings.... I'm going to use the rest of this post to catch up on some of my latest dolls and one or two photo manips as well.  The jewelry.... well the first pieces are almost ready and I will post pics to see what you think! 

Hugs to you all and once again, thank you kindly for patiently waiting for me to find my head again!
XOX Julie

 ~Sukie~  OOAK Monster High Frankie Repaint

~Contemplation~  Digital PhotoManipulation Artwork. For stock credits, please

 ~Annabella~ OOAK Monster High Operetta Repaint

~Little Secrets~ Digital PhotoManipulation Art by Julie E Allan.  For all
stock credits, please visit - IvyHeart on Deviant Art 

~Bianca~  OOAK Monster High Ghoulia Repaint

 ~Mischa~  OOAK Monster High Draculaura Repaint

~Nardia~  OOAK Monster High Nefera Repaint

~Allie~  OOAK Monster High Robecca Repaint

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