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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My new girl 'Alice' and feeling a bit brain weary!

Hello Dear Friends!!   I finally got another young lady finished and I'm here to show you all.  Its been a pretty full-on few weeks, with the start of a new semester of study and trying to keep up with all my arty stuff.  This semester of Graphic Design is pretty major... lots of briefs to complete with scary completion dates and now we have to time manage all on our own - just like we will have to when we eventually work in a design studio!  I have about 30+ pieces of jewelry that I've made too but alas, no time to list them on Etsy and MadeIt.  I'm still not utilising my time like I should... this has been one WAY BIG learning curve, I tell you!  But I'm going to pat myself on the back because although I still have a lot more to learn about time management, I have also come a long way from where I was 12 months ago.  Its a growing process I guess!
Anyhoo... I came to show you my latest doll work didn't I!!  Her name is Alice and she was originally a Monster High Abbey Bominable.  I gave her really dramatic eyes... lots of earthy brown and very bold... not as blended as I normally do.  One thing about the Abbey doll  that I adore is her HANDS!!!  Well, they are kind of claws I guess... larger than the normal hands but with big beautiful claw/nails!!  I really love them.. so I gave her a nice french manicure to show them off at their best.  She is for sale on the link below... make sure you take a peek for more photos...


I hope you like her!
Have a wonderful week everyone and see you again soon... hopefully with the opening of my stores on Etsy and MadeIt!! LOL... we shall give it our best shot!
Julie XXXX

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