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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Commission Prices and General Information


If you are interested in having a commission done, please email me on ivyheartdesigns@julie-elizabeth.com to enquire. I will now be taking commission work ongoing throughout the year and these are completed in the order of bookings. In the event that I receive a large number of bookings, I may have to limit bookings for a month or so until I clear a few. Check out the prices below and if you would like to go ahead, just contact me with what your after and we will see what we can do. :)

What is a 'full basic repaint' commission -

* Includes removal of factory paint, full facial repaint, sealing of several coats of MSC, body   blushing, nails, Certificate of Authenticity and 2 - 4 colour images from final photo shoot of your doll (will be sent via email to you).
* Facial markings such as moles, freckles are included in price.
* Extra markings such as tattoos are an extra cost - please enquire for quote.

Can the Artist supply the doll?

Dolls are normally supplied by the client but I am able to supply some dolls such as Barbie, Monster High etc. If the client would like me to source the doll, the extra cost of the doll (including cost of shipping if I can't source it locally) will be added to the repaint price. The cost of the doll must be paid in full along with the deposit for the commission before the commission can start.

Can I just send my dolls head?

To cut down shipping costs, the client can send me just the dolls head. Please note that I won't be able to do any body blushing or nails if I only have the head and I will also be limited in the photos I can get in the final glamour shoot. The price also remains the same.

Commission Prices -

Large Dolls - 13 inch to 18 inch eg Tonners, Ellowyne, Evangeline etc 
AU$160.00 for full basic repaint plus return shipping (shipping cost for this size varies... please contact me for a quote)
* For this size, the doll must be supplied by the customer. To cut down on shipping costs, just the dolls head can be sent. See notes above!

Medium Dolls - 7 inch to 12 inch eg Monster High, Barbie, Bratz, Fashion Royalty etc
AU$120.00 for full basic repaint on Client's doll plus shipping AU$25
Extra cost will be added if doll is to be supplied by me. See notes above!

Small Dolls - up to 6 inches eg Kelly, Disney Princess babies etc
AU$78.00 for full basic repaint on Client's doll plus shipping AU$15.00
Extra cost will be added if doll is to be supplied by me. See notes above!

Other Details -

*  A 35% (non-refundable) deposit is required prior to starting and the balance to be paid on completion.  I will send you an email about 2 weeks before I'm ready to start so you can ship off your doll to me and send through the deposit. 
*  If you would like 2 or more repaints done at the same time, I will give a 10% discount off the total cost excluding the shipping.

*  A small contract stating what work I will be doing, the cost and other details will be emailed to you for approval and your signature. This is to protect you as my client and also myself as an artist.

The above are just basic details.  Details on the actual process etc will be given when bookings are made!

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